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From "Marc M. Adkins" <>
Subject Who decides what modules go in core release?
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 01:48:42 GMT
I'm committing the sin of double-posting since I don't know who actually
makes the decision on adding modules into the core relase of Apache (though
I have my suspicions).  Mea culpa.

I would like to suggest the addition of one or both of:

  mod_macro  --
	Provides a way to define macros in configuration files
	that can be expanded with parameter substitution.
	Current version builds (with minor edits) and works
	well with Apache 2.0.  License may be non-compliant.

  mod_define --
	Allows symbols to be defined and used in configuration files.
	No version working for Apache 2.0 (or even baseline 1.3)
	since it depends on an EAPI function call, would probably
	need to be rewritten (I'm willing to do it if I can
	get a clue on replacing the key EAPI function call).

These capabilities would be extremely useful in (at least) these situations:

  multi-machine deployment
	I have developed on Windows and deployed on *NIX on several
	jobs and expect to do so again in the future.  In the past
	I've had to use Perl scripts to convert the configuration
	files or manually edit them for each platform.

  multiple instances
	In a production environment there may be multiple instances of
	the same site:  one for each developer and several for beta,
	testing, demonstration, and so forth.  With mod_macro and/or
	mod_define (and Include directives) it would be possible to
	manage this a lot better.  Another situation I have had to
	address with Perl scripts and/or much manual editing.

  virtual hosts
	It is much easier to set up a bunch of virtual hosts in a
	configuration file using mod_macro (example at link above).

I feel like one or both of these modules should be part of the core release
at some point.  The benefits are great, the code is written in at least one
case, and there shouldn't be any conflict or breaking of other features.


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