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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] PR 18388 Set-Cookie header not honored on 304 (Not modified) status
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 00:20:41 GMT
Greg Marr wrote:
>> I found some time to look for existing discussions on this... (should 
>> have done that earlier)...  It isn't valid to send Set-Cookie on a 304.
>> It is not valid to set a cookie in a 304 response.  Please see
>> section 10.3.5 of RFC2616.  That is the reason Apache explictly
>> lists headers that will be sent and why Set-Cookie isn't one of
>> them."
> I don't see how 10.3.5 says that Set-Cookie is invalid.  It says that 
> entity headers aren't allowed, but Set-Cookie isn't listed under the 
> Entity Header section.  (In fact, it isn't listed in the spec at all.)

For an interpretation of that section w.r.t. Set-Cookie by one of the 
authors of RFC 2616, refer to

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