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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: FW: help - Apche 2.0 - Unix
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 14:51:15 GMT
Guntupalli, Santhi wrote:
> Hello,
>         With respect to the problem with compatability between compilers 
> KCC and cc you mentioned below. I had compiled my module with KCC that I 
> have mentioned below with Apache 1.3.27 and 1.3.9 ( with change in 
> apache APIs). No problems even though I compiled Apache with "cc" and I 
> loaded my module from httpd.conf, Apache was also started on both the 
> versions.
>         I am facing this problem only on Apache 2.0 when I load my 
> module which is compiled with KCC and even with cc ( when I link with 
> some libraries like lrt ltli etc), Apache hangs and is failing at fork() 
> (procsup.c at line no.57) and seg fault.
> #0  apr_proc_detach (daemonize=1074511840) at procsup.c:57

FUBAR already...

the two possible values passed from worker_pre_config() are 1 and 0... 
1074511840 is not passed unless there is a compiler bug or some sort of 
stack corruption

meanwhile, there is nothing in apr_proc_detach() to segfault

IIRC, the backtrace you posted before was a segfault in library code, 
not in Apache

>  I think there is no problem in compatability between KCC and cc.
> I think some problem with Apache 2.0 or I am doing any wrong, please 
> suggest anything.

So if you start Apache without your module it works and if you start 
Apache with your module it fails in a strange way?

Start with a tiny shell module built just like your real module and see 
if Apache works fine if it is loaded.

Keep adding bits and pieces of your real module to the tiny module until 
the failure is introduced.  Then you know which code in your module 
triggers the problem.  (This is not to say that your module is 
definitely at fault, but knowing which code triggered the problem is 
critical info.)

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