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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject proposed merges to 2.0.46-dev that need only one more approval
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 12:03:08 GMT
these are all straightforward to review IMHO

six of the seven have PRs associated with them

     * Fix chinese default page. PR 18025. (2.0 + 1.3)
       docs/conf/ r1.35
       docs/conf/httpd-win.conf: r1.81
       docs/docroot/index.html.var: r1.11
       docs/docroot/index.html.zh -> index.html.zh-tw.big5

     * By default, use the same CC and CPP with which APR was built.
       The user can override with CC and CPP environment variables.              r1.249

     * Fix a problem that caused httpd to be linked with incorrect flags
       on some platforms when mod_so was enabled by default, breaking
       DSOs on AIX.  PR 19012
       This was new breakage with 2.0.45 that has bit at least a
       handful of vocal people, but there is an easy work-around
       (explicitly add --enable-so).
       modules/mappers/config9.m4 r1.16

     * Fix ap_construct_url() so that it surrounds IPv6 literal address
       strings with [].  This fixes certain types of redirection.
       PR 19207.
       server/core.c r1.232

     * Hook mod_rewrite's type checker before mod_mime's one. That way
       RewriteRule [T=...] Flag should work as expected now. PR 19626.
       modules/mappers/mod_rewrite.c r1.150

     * mod_auth_ldap: Use generic whitespace character class when parsing
       "require" directives, instead of literal spaces only. PR 17135.
       modules/experimental/mod_auth_ldap.c r1.16

     * Use appropriate language code for Czech (cs) in default config
       files. PR 9427. (2.0 + 1.3)
       docs/docroot/index.html.var: r1.12
       docs/conf/ r1.39
       docs/conf/httpd-win.conf: r1.85

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