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From Rocke Robertson <>
Subject Re: [PATCH 1.3] Add Solaris 9 Resource management features in suexec.c
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 15:15:14 GMT

Glenn wrote:

> [patch deleted; implemented Solaris 9 resource management with /bin/newtask]
> Why exec an additional program (/bin/newtask) when setproject() could be
> used instead?  The only difference of setproject() from the patch posted
> to this list is that /bin/newtask with -l creates the login environment,
> which is probably not desired.
> Cheers,
> Glenn

In order for a project to take effect when exec'ing something, the user has to
login. The way I did it was to use newtask -l -p etc..... But the setproject()
may work too. I would have to try it. Good point. I dont know why I didn't
originaly try it that way.

Will tinker around.

Rocke Robertson
700 Montreal Rd.
(613) 748-4604

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