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From Chris Knight <>
Subject ProxyPass /foo
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 17:29:44 GMT
I've seen a bunch of discussions on the web wondering if Apache supports 
reverse-proxying SSL web servers and no discussion on this mailing list. 
Looking at the latest code it obviously doesn't support HTTPS reverse 
proxying. There don't seem to be any feature requests in the bug 
database either.

Would there be interest in adding support for reverse-proxying HTTPS? 
Would there be technical/security issues with doing such? Obviously, the 
reverse proxy server would have to have a list of valid certificate 
authorities that it would use to establish the validity of the SSL 
certificate of the server being reverse-proxied. I'm also assuming that 
it's fairly trivial to access the OpenSSL client API and that 
integrating it with Apache would also be trivial (it's already part of 
mod_ssl, but would have to be separately linked with mod_proxy.)

What say you?

(Also, if anyone knows of an existing reverse proxy that can connect to 
HTTPS on the backend and produce HTTP on the frontend, I would greatly 
appreciate it!)

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