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From "Rahul Kohli" <>
Subject HP APache 2.0.43 Failing on HP 11i
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 07:00:28 GMT

            We have an HP-Apache server (2.0.43 version:
B9416AA_2. installed on PARISC
machine(HP11i). We have another application which has been configured on
top of this HP-Apache installation. The problem we are facing is that
after the web server starts successfully, and a resource request is made
to the web server, the server does not respond and we get "Cannot find
Server" error page.

In order to analyse this problem, we installed Apache 2.0.43 by building
its source code on the same machine and then configuring with the same
application. This set up works absolutely fine i.e. server starts
successfully and the resource requests are successfully furnished by the

Further we tried to trace the flow of execution using gdb. We were
unable to trace the HPApache method calls whereas all the apache calls
in case of Apache 2.0.43 open source were traced by GDB.

I have following queries:-

1) How is HPApache server (2.0.43 based) different from normal Apache
2.0.43 server built from source code?

2) Is this problem due to configuration issues or some specific settings
required in HPApache?

3) How can we trace HPApache specific method calls using GDB?

Kindly suggest.

> Rahul Kohli

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