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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: Who decides what modules go in core release?
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 12:04:52 GMT
> > b) It is going to make it really difficult for GUI tools like Webmin or
> > Comanche to correctly parse/Save Apache configuration files (it is hard as
> > it is now with IfDefines and IfModules all over the place :)
> That isn't really an argument. We'd need to define a better interface then
> or the GUI tools simply have to do a better job (e.g. using the
> functionality of mod_macro). YMMV.

As Greg pointed out the difference is mainly in declarative vs. programmatic.
if you add a metalanguage to the config file itself, then the GUI tools (or
any other scripts or non-graphical tools that need to parse Apache
configuration files, for that matter) need to know how to interpret that
language. The problem is compounded if there is any kind of conditional
logic (whether Apache is started as SSL or not, etc.) since a good GUI or
config manipulation tool needs to consider all those possible "renderings"
of the configuration file. 



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