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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: Who decides what modules go in core release?
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 07:31:44 GMT
> I would like to suggest the addition of one or both of:
>   mod_macro  --
>   mod_define --
> I feel like one or both of these modules should be part of the core release
> at some point.  The benefits are great, the code is written in at least one
> case, and there shouldn't be any conflict or breaking of other features.

My concerns are:

a) It is going to make it much more difficult to troubleshoot configuration
b) It is going to make it really difficult for GUI tools like Webmin or
Comanche to correctly parse/Save Apache configuration files (it is hard as
it is now with IfDefines and IfModules all over the place :)

Since, as you mention,  this is useful mostly for large installations
(multiple machines, great number of virtual hosts) I believe it is
completely ok the additional step of preprocessing the file using an
external programming language or building your own mod_macro. While I
understand why such module would be useful for you, if it were shipped with
default Apache regular users and distributions would use it and we would
have a) b) above. 



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