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From "Guntupalli, Santhi" <>
Subject RE: FW: help - Apche 2.0 - Unix
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 14:17:54 GMT
	With respect to the problem with compatability between compilers KCC
and cc you mentioned below. I had compiled my module with KCC that I have
mentioned below with Apache 1.3.27 and 1.3.9 ( with change in apache APIs).
No problems even though I compiled Apache with "cc" and I loaded my module
from httpd.conf, Apache was also started on both the versions.
	I am facing this problem only on Apache 2.0 when I load my module
which is compiled with KCC and even with cc ( when I link with some
libraries like lrt ltli etc), Apache hangs and is failing at fork()
(procsup.c at line no.57) and seg fault. 
#0  apr_proc_detach (daemonize=1074511840) at procsup.c:57
#1  0x00000001200525dc in worker_pre_config (pconf=0x140068028, 
    plog=0x1400b0828, ptemp=0x1400b5828) at worker.c:1900
#2  0x0000000120068038 in ap_run_pre_config (pconf=0x140068028, 
    plog=0x1400b0828, ptemp=0x1400b5828) at config.c:123
#3  0x0000000120054f98 in main (argc=7, argv=0x11ffff208) at main.c:615
 I think there is no problem in compatability between KCC and cc. 
I think some problem with Apache 2.0 or I am doing any wrong, please suggest

thanks in advance
- GS


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From: Jeff Trawick []
Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 9:14 AM
Subject: Re: FW: help - Apche 2.0 - Unix

Guntupalli, Santhi wrote:
> Hello,
>         I have not got any reply for my problem that I mentioned below. 
> I am not getting any logic or I am doing any mistake in 
> configuration/build. I am building the Apache 2.0 with the following 
> options - to enable DSO Support and MPM is worker and then I will 
> install it.
> CC="cc" \
> ./configure --enable-so --with-mpm=worker
> These two are enough?? or anything else I have to give.
> And also I build Apache with "cc" compiler and My application/module is 
> written in C++ code and  I build with "KCC" Compiler. Because use of 
> different compilers for Apache and my application is creating this 
> problem. When I load my library then Apache hangs and fails at the 
> following point. I am anxiously waiting for help, please anybody can 
> help me out in this regard, Anybody faced this type of problem before. I 
> am very grateful if I get any reply.

why don't test_handler() and register_hooks() have C linkage?  they're 
called by Apache...

try to build (or at least link) Apache with the same "KCC" that you 
build your module with

on Tru64 does a program (e.g., httpd) have to link with C++ RTL in order 
to dlopen() C++ code?

try a different compiler for your module?

try to duplicate the problem with a simple test case and send it to the 

find some mailing list or newsgroup where Tru64 or KCC gurus hang out 
and ask there?

good luck!

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