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From "Guntupalli, Santhi" <>
Subject help - Apche 2.0 - Unix
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 14:31:49 GMT
	We are using Apache 2.0 in our application. our application supports
both windows and Unix (Tru64). I had built my module which uses Apache 2.0
APIs and creates DLL (test.dll) . We are loading this DLL by LoadModule in
"httpd.conf". I was able to start Apache and also my application works
properly without any problems on windows.
	The same application we support it on Unix also without any code
change. I had built the same module with Apche 2.0 and created shared
library "". I load this library by LoadModule from httpd.conf. 
LoadModule test_handle modules/ 
	If I add this in httpd.conf, when I start Apache, simply it hangs,
it does not come to the prompt and  does not spawn any hutted processes and
also no error. 
	If I don't load this shared library, Apache is starting no problems.
If I load my shared library then only apache does not start. How Load module
( my shared library) holds the apache from start. How LoadModule is related
in spawning the httpd processes. I had tried many ways, nothing was working.
what could be the problem. Same application is running on Windows, no
problems at all, this problem I am facing it on Unix only, it does not give
any error/log to locate the problem.
Anybody has any clues or suggestions. any help is much appreciated.


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