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From Torbjörn Carlsson <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Header-size
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 09:03:37 GMT

"David Burry" <> Wrote:

>If you only want a boolean confirmation of whether the request was
>successful you might be able to use %c to get that effect, but if you
>need real bytes for billing purposes or some other reason a count of
>actual amount transferred you'd need to use mod_logio instead yes (which
>is actually better for my example purpose since headers do cost on the

Yes, the %c or %X in 2.0 works fine for knowing that the client aborted the 
download, the problem arises when the client moves out of radio-coverage. In 
that case there is no FIN/FIN-ACK signalling, the client just stops responding. 
You can compare it to unplugging the ethernet-cable in the middle of a download.

This can be catched in 1.3 by comparing the Content-Length (expected size) with 
the %B bytes really sent.

And yes it has to do with charging for content, I need to know that the file is 
delivered before i can send a billing notice. The "bytes over the wire" is not 
important in this case.

>In principle I'm not against fixing %B/b to be like the old behavior or
>adding a new header count value, because you can already get the value
>from the Content-Length from %{Content-Length}o so no use in really
>duplicating the same thing with using up one of those valuable single
>letter values....  There was resistance to fixing %b/B to be like the
>old behavior because it was supposedly very hard to do without redoing
>the entire internal infrastructure or something...  If you can find a
>way to do it anyway I'd be for keeping backward compatibility on
>principle as well... ;o)

Can't the Header-Size patch be used for that, at least when mod_logio is 
%O - %{Header-Size}n = %B  ?



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