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From Torbjörn Carlsson <>
Subject Proposal: Header-size
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 14:15:42 GMT

In the move from 1.3 to 2.0, a parameter in mod_log_config changed.
%B/%b changed from bytes *really* sent to the same value as the response-header 
Content-Length, regardless of how much data that was actually sent over the 

I've seen comments on the list of the type "use mod_logio instead", but 
mod_logio is different in one aspect: It includes the header-size.

In an unreliable network (read wireless or mobile) I need the ability to 
confirm that all data has been sent to the client.
Because of the variable size of the response-header this is not really possible 
with mod_logio as is. The best I can get is an approximation. 
"If %O > %B => Download probably OK"

To fix this I've patched http_protocol to get the header-size data, (See 
included patch), to put the header-size in a note in the request_rec.
This data can then be picked up in the log-module with %{Header-Size}n
"%O - %{Header-Size}n => Bytes downloaded"

Are there any problems with this patch, have I missed some sideeffects, or is 
it something that can be added to the source-tree, for example to the mod_logio 
instrumentation ?


Torbjörn Carlsson                               Mobility Partner AB
email:    Box 1117, Kungsbron 21
phone:  +46 730 40 68 10                        111 81 Stockholm

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