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From André Malo>
Subject Re: passing bucket data to pcre
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 20:30:42 GMT
* Cliff Woolley wrote:

>    Somebody from Tivoli sent me a question about passing data retrieved
> from a bucket with apr_bucket_read() to pcre by way of ap_regexec().  The
> problem, apparently, is that since ap_regexec()'s API does not allow
> passing a length, it must assume that the string you pass it is
> null-terminated, which of course bucket data is not.  Having to copy the
> data just to stick a null on the end would suck... so it would seem that
> the logical thing to do is add an additional function to the API,
> something like ap_regexecn(), that also takes a length parameter.

Which does the copy itself? I'd have no problem with such an API. But ;-) do
we really need it?

>I have tried using ErrorDocument 401, but doesn't work.
Oh dear.  What does it do - lounge around on the couch all day drinking
beer and watching TV?            -- "Kash" und Alan J. Flavell in ciwsu

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