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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0 STATUS
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 18:40:58 GMT wrote:
> wrowe       2003/04/17 11:20:59
>          CHANGES 1.1145 
>          server/mpm_common.c 1.107
>          +1: ake, trawick, stoddard
>   +      -1: wrowe
>   +          wrowe notes: I don't dislike the patch - but the breakage illustrates
>   +                       breakage in APR.  Why?  Because APR is not in the business
>   +                       of exposing undecorated names.  I suggest we go back to
>   +                       square one, decorate the change to apr.hw, and when we
>   +                       start patching for 2.1-dev/2.0 - test for APR_TCP_NODELAY
>   +                       as well as TCP_NODELAY.
>   +                       

Alternative take: It is Apache that is stupid enough to check for 
TCP_NODELAY, not APR that exposes it.

I don't grok any of "decorate the change to apr.hw" and "decorate the 
change to apr.hw".

the change to apr.hw is already decorated, if by decorated you mean 
prefixed with APR_

if APR wants to help apps such as Apache that don't want to bother 
calling apr_socket_option_set(...APR_TCP_NODELAY) if they're just going 
to get APR_ENOTIMPL, then there should be a symbol such as 
APR_HAS_TCP_NODELAY to indicate whether or not that feature is expected 
to work

(I was hoping to find time to prettify the disable-nagle stuff in 
Apache, but not in a timeframe that would be appropriate to resolving a 
broken Win32 build.)

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