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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject how to make mutex mechanism selection even more difficult to describe :)
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 23:49:54 GMT
add directive DefaultMutex with same syntax as current AcceptMutex

default value is APR's default

in general, Apache mutexes use the mechanism associated with the 
DefaultMutex directive

certain performance-critical mutexes (e.g., the accept mutex) can 
provide directives (e.g., AcceptMutex) to override the mechanism 
selected by DefaultMutex

why would I suggest this?

even non-performance-critical mutexes (e.g., mod_rewrite's log mutex and 
external mapping program mutex) can be a pain in the kiester (sp.?) if 
the system configuration corresponding to that type of mutex is out of 
whack and it is not convenient to fix immediately, or if the default 
mutex mechanism is a type that is not cleaned up magically when somebody 
decides to kill -9 the server or when somebody runs the server from a 
debugger and somehow manages to avoid cleanups at termination

alternatively, keep adding mutex-mechanism-related directives for every 
blasted mutex or maybe add to APR a way to tailor the default mechanism 
without rebuilding everything (but apps like Apache would need to be 
able to dynamically query the default mechanism to know if special 
processing like setting permissions on SysV sems is necessary)

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