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From "Jess M. Holle" <>
Subject 2.0.45 and recent OpenSSL's on Windows
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 14:10:41 GMT
It would appear we have a shutdown issue in Apache 2.0.45 (and 2.0.44) 
with recent OpenSSL's on Windows when an https connection has been made 
at some point during the current uptime.

There are now 3 bugs on this topic: 16375, 17055, and 17701.  One of 
these was closed as being a symptom of a mixed debug / non-debug build 
-- but that appears to be bogus (I've triple checked all of this).

The only workaround appears to be simply to set the LogLevel to error or 
above so that no attempt is made to produce warnings at this point 
during the shutdown.

Any thoughts on this issue would be appreciated!

Jess Holle

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