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From Dimitri Rebrikov <>
Subject Re: ap_get_client_block blocks in Apache 1.3
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 14:37:04 GMT
Glenn wrote:
> I concur: extremely broken.
> Notwithstanding that, mod_jk should be setting ap_hard_timeout()
> (or ap_soft_timeout()) before calling ap_get_client_block(), just
> like mod_cgi does.  Anything that might block indefinitely should
> have an alarm set around it.

After reading Apache-API-Doc i had the opinion that ap_get_client_block
self take care about non-blocking read.

There is a global "Timeout" parameter in httpd.conf for receives
and sends. Would it not be more consequently if ap_get_client_block take
a use of this parameter.

> (But please do not put an alarm in ap_get_client_block();
> I set the socket to nonblocking when the input is not chunked
> and it would really bite to have the unnecessary alarm overhead.)

We have tried to solve our problems with putting a standard check
for nonblocking read (i.e. select...) just before ap_read call
in the buff_read function (buff.c). That works but since we can not
look through the all apache source (f.e. we have seen that in fact
all apache sockets be set in non-blocking mode just after creation
and we had no idea why they nevertheless blocks) we have not sureness
that was accurate and we will not get substantial problems under other


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