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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: adding is_threaded_mpm variable for
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2003 15:51:21 GMT
--On Wednesday, April 23, 2003 3:54 PM +1000 Stas Bekman <> 

> When building extensions it's often important to know whether the used mpm
> is threaded or not. Certainly, each extension could maintain its own list of
> threaded mpms, but since this knowledge is already available during the
> httpd build, can we add a new variable THREADED_MPM (similar to
> scfg->threaded_mpm) to or may be IS_THREADED_MPM?

I believe this is a bad idea since a module could be compiled with one MPM and 
then executed with another MPM.  This would especially be the case when we 
distribute DSO modules.  Therefore, the module should just assume the worst 
case scenario - if APR_HAS_THREADS is 1, then it is possible for that module 
to be run under a threaded MPM, and it can just use the run-time query option. 
But, a compile-time definition would be completely unreliable.  -- justin

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