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From "Jean-Jacques Clar" <>
Subject Run-Time clock in the MPM
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 19:02:41 GMT
Having a time structure in the mpm keeping updated sec and uSEC 
field could help performance for the web server.
It could replace most calls to apr_time_now() and apr_time_sec() 
at run-time:
NetWare has its main thread resuming every 1000000 uSEC (1 sec) 
to do the idle server maintenance.
The following code keep a local timeval structure, which could 
return current time without having to call apr_time_now() every
Yes, only the tv_sec field is updated between call to gettimeofday().
Who cares about the uSEC precision anyway, apache is a web server,
 not a scientific clock application.
With the following function, calls to apr_time_now() in apache could 
then be replaced with call to ap_time_now().
Or maybe just redefining apr_time_now() to ap_time_now() and 
apr_time_sec() to ap_time_sec() will work for us.

I am thinking of using a set of functions like the following ones in
NetWare mpm:
The synchonize_usec_clock() function is called every second by the main

thread when it resumes to do the idle maintenance. 
It synchronizes the time fields every 5 seconds using the
gettimeofday() function. 
Anyone sees problems with using a background thread to maintain 
current time structure?

--- boc ---
static apr_int32_t mpm_clock_initialized;
static apr_time_t now;
struct timeval tv;
static void synchonize_usec_clock( void )
  static apr_int32_t counter;
  if (mpm_clock_initialized) {
    if(++counter > 4) {
      gettimeofday(&tv, NULL);
      now = tv.tv_sec * APR_USEC_PER_SEC + tv.tv_usec;
      counter = 0;
    else {
  else {
    gettimeofday(&tv, NULL);
    now = tv.tv_sec * APR_USEC_PER_SEC + tv.tv_usec;
    mpm_clock_initialized = 1;
AP_DECLARE(apr_time_t) ap_time_now(void)
  if (mpm_clock_initialized) 
    return now;
    return apr_time_now();

AP_DECLARE(apr_time_t) ap_time_sec(apr_time_t time)
  if (mpm_clock_initialized) 
    return tv.tv_sec;
    return apr_time_sec(time);
--- eoc ---
Thank you,

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