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From André Malo>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite is broken
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 22:02:01 GMT
* Brad Nicholes wrote:

> After looking into this a little further, it appears that mod_rewrite is
> broken in the 2.0 tree but fixed in 2.1.  The prefix_stat() function in
> the  2.0 version expects the path to start with a '/' which is not only
> false on NetWare but Windows and OS/2 as well.  Since a NetWare path
> does not start with a '/', this function fails and causes mod_rewrite to
> prepend the document root in error.  This has been fix in the 2.1
> version and should probably be backported before 2.0.45 is tagged.
> Somebody who knows more about the changes that have been made recently
> to mod_rewrite in the 2.1 tree should probably make the decision on what
> should be back ported.

ah yeah, it's already proposed (see status file), but it seems, the changes 
are too much for a short time review... ;-)

Btw: it's broken on every non-unix and it's not only prefix_stat (again, 
see status file for rev.#). I'd be very happy to get this into the current 
stables (1.3 too).

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