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From Trevor Hurst <>
Subject auth_ldap questions..
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 18:44:42 GMT

As advised, I checked the source file located in my 2.0.44
build tree and found the following in util_ldap.c :

    AP_INIT_TAKE1("LDAPCertDBPath", util_ldap_set_certdbpath, NULL,
                  "Specifies the file containing Certificate Authority
certificates "
                  "for validating secure LDAP server certificates. This
file must be the "
                  "cert7.db database used by Netscape Communicator"),

So, I've added this entry to the very bottom of my httpd.conf file:

LDAPCertDBPath /usr/local/apache2/conf/ssl.crt/cert7.db

..and I'm still getting the following error in my error_log file
when attempting to authenticate:

[Thu Mar 13 15:39:32 2003] [warn] [client] [1718235]
auth_ldap authenticate: user 25358 authentication failed; URI /secure
[secure LDAP requested, but no CA cert defined][Unknown error]

Am I missing another directive/entry? I don't see any other directives
listed near the tail of the util_ldap.c source that would point to
a Certificate (Netscape oriented).

Am I missing something or putting the directive in the wrong location?

Thanks for your help.

-- Trev

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