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From Andrew Ho <>
Subject HTTP/1.1 requests get HTTP/1.1 responses even with downgrade-1.0 (Was: force-response-1.0 ignored for HTTP/1.1 requests)
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 03:54:14 GMT

JS>The long answer: using downgrade-1.0 will, in fact, force Apache to treat
JS>the request as if it was HTTP/1.0.  It will therefore use only HTTP/1.0
JS>features in the response.  But it will still respond with HTTP/1.1 in the
JS>response line, since this just declares it as an HTTP/1.1 capable server;
JS>it doesn't mean the response itself uses HTTP/1.1 features.

Agreed on HTTP/1.1 declared in the response line; this is what RFC 2616
says should happen. However, I'm seeing behavior different from what you
just described. That is, with downgrade-1.0, I still see Apache respond
with HTTP/1.1 semantics.

On a freshly built Apache 1.3.27 server with downgrade-1.0 set to 1 via a
SetEnv command, I can issue this request:

    GET /test.cgi HTTP/1.1

Where test.cgi is just a CGI that prints out the string "OK":

    echo "Content-Type: text/plain"
    echo "OK"

Apache responds with chunked Transfer-Encoding and keeps the connection
open, clearly HTTP/1.1 behaviors:

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 03:33:42 GMT
    Server: Apache/1.3.27 (Unix)
    Transfer-Encoding: chunked
    Content-Type: text/plain



JS>[This question seems more appropriate for the users list rather than
JS>the developers list.]

Well, I thought of this list because this seems like either a bug, or a
mismatch between the documentation and the actual behavior. I guess my
original subject line was wrong, though, and I've corrected it.



Andrew Ho     
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