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From Chia-Hsin Huang <>
Subject Re: Development environment
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 22:27:45 GMT


You must use autoconf and automake to build the project. You can refer to 
the address.

By the way, I finished a module in Linux and try to port this module to 
Windows 2000 environment. However, I got some troubles to reach the 
post_read_request hook. Could you please help me? The problem description 
are below. 

"I got a problem when I'm working on adding an external
module as a filter of Apache 2.0. Please help me to figure out the =
solution. I'm
building an external module to embed a C/C++ like scripting language, =
executing for Apache 2.0 server. I studied from php module source =
and got the simulated idea to build this module. I use pre_config,
post_config and post_read_request hooks. Ideally when Apache server =
the pre_config hook is executed and the post_read_request hook should be
used when requesting the target file type, for example, *.php. And then
execute the script by activating module for that type, eg. mod_php. I =
my own module and it works in Ret Hat Linux 7.x. However, when I port =
module (mod_ch) to Windows 2000, Apache server seems can not reach the
"post_read_request" hook. (I print out message at every hook function) I =
used the
same configuration setup as to Linux version, except the directory =
I'm thinking is there any special setup needed for W2K to enable the
post_read_request hook?  Does anybody have some
experience to build a module as a filter in Apache 2.0 server + Windows =
2000? Please help
me to figure out the problem. I appreciate your any help."

Best Regards,

On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Josef Zellner wrote:

> Hi all!
> I am programming on a module which is getting really big... Until now i 
> developed with Windows, but now I have to port it to Linux... My 
> question is now, if there is a existing development environment for 
> Linux (KDevelop does not match the requirements, because it does not 
> support the build of libraries...)...
> Thanks in advance,
> Josef

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