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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject Refactoring apxs, WAS: RE: using installed apxs when apr and apache are installed in different directories
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 19:36:26 GMT
> From: Thom May []
> Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 8:17 PM

> * Thom May ( wrote :
>> * Jeff Trawick ( wrote :
>>> can somebody confirm my results?
>>> apxs -c mod_foo.c
>>> first breakage is due to libtool referenced from wrong directory (apxs 
>>> looks for libtool in apache's installbuilddir instead of apr's)
>>> once that is fixed, now only Apache includes are found so still nothing 
>>> will compile since we need to find APR includes also
>> yup, been looking at this for a teeny while but work keeps interupting :/
>> The solution I was looking at was to add a new argument that would allow
>> apxs to return true include and link lines, including the information for
>> apr and apr-util.
>> I'm not entirely happy that this is the right route to take, but can't
>> currently think of a better one.
> Ok, so sander and I were just discussing the creation of an httpd-config
> script, analogous to apr-config etc, which apxs or module developers could
> just call at need. 
> Apxs could then shed a lot of code and become a program specifically to
> build modules, rather than also having to be used to query build variables
> and the myriad of other stuff it currently does.
> Thoughts?

Just chiming in... Currently we have a dependency on perl to figure out
stuff like include dirs etc, which is a bit silly.  httpd-config could be
done as a shell script, removing that dependency.

Specializing apxs sounds like a good idea aswell.


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