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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: anybody using Sun's compiler and getting libthread referenced by executables but not libpthread?
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 21:45:28 GMT
On 31/3/03 20:59, "Jeff Trawick" <> wrote:

> I'm using Sun WorkShop 5.0 sometimes, and these builds result in
> executables like httpd referencing libthread but not libpthread.
> We pass cc the -mt switch, but at least with this version that switch
> isn't enough to pull in libpthread.  Can anybody confirm that with a
> more recent Sun compiler APR apps are getting libpthread?
> This apparently results in apr_proc_create() forking more than just the
> calling thread, and you can get anoying stuff like this when running
> Apache's mod_ext_filter with the worker MPM:
> [Mon Mar 31 13:52:20 2003] [error] (9)Bad file number: apr_accept:
> (client socket)
> (By the time the fork()-ed child of the calling thread got around to
> exec()-ing the external filter program, the copy of the listener thread
> in the forked() child reached the accept() call.)
> There was other undiagnosed havoc going on, including a child process
> exiting with a fatal error code which led to the parent bailing out with
> a large number of children left to clean up manually.  This was probably
> the neatest failure:
> ibthread panic: fault in libthread critical section : dumping core (PID:
> 4894 LWP 12)
> stacktrace:
>        ff0faaa8
>        ff0fa8fc
>        ff103498
>        ff0ff8f0
>        ff105558
>        ff2d2bac
>        36964
>        ff2d29bc
>        ff10b728
>        ff2d2978
> Cool, huh?
> I haven't gotten to the point of teaching APR to pull in libpthread in
> this situation and rebuilding Apache's httpd and retesting, but I
> thought I'd put this out there to see if somebody with a newer compiler
> is getting better results.

Jeff/all... We got Forte on Nagoya, thanks to the freaks @ Sun! :-)



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