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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Servlet API changes and mod_proxy...
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 20:09:33 GMT
The new upcoming servlet API will include some new methods to retrieve the
connection IP and PORT in case of proxied HTTP requests.

It will be basically required to obtain the following:

- IP + PORT of the remote client
- IP + PORT of requested by the client
- IP + PORT where the request was received by the server

(the latter are different in case you have a proxied request, because you
can get both the IP + PORT of the proxy server where the original request
was received and the IP + PORT of the servlet container where the proxied
request was forwarded to).

Would it make any sense to extend the already-present capability of
mod_proxy with X-Forwarded-... headers to include the original client port
number and the IP + PORT of the Apache instance receiving the original

The X-Forwarded-For would contain something like (instead
of just the first bit before the ':'), and I would need to add another
header containing the IP of the client connection (I was thinking about
something like: "X-Forwarded-Address:"

What do you guys think?


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