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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Antw: Re: APR SSLMutex win32 2.0.45 RC1
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 22:57:26 GMT
At 04:01 PM 3/26/2003, Andre Schild wrote:
>But currently we are at the stage that the SSLMutex passes a NULL 
>filename in for the mutexname and assumes the apr will generate
>server/mpm/winnt/mpm_winnt.c however does pass in a NULL filename
>and wishes to get NULL-filename mutex (ie. a private mutex).
>So a autogenerated filename from apr will probably break this

Right - a "PRIVATE" mutex has no name, it's an unnamed object.

The problem (to I'm addressing with Apache 2.2 Winnt MPM) is that
Win32 needs a way to pass handles to worker processes.  The very
same discussion on this list about inherited pipes and files on win32
applies to these mutexes.  Once the handle is inherited, we are fine.

Right now, we are doing several odd things in the mutex setup that
should be fixed.  But the apr default mutex type is unnamed.  We need
to expose that Win32 can have file-based mutexes (a white lie- in that
they aren't actually backed by a file but a kernel object.)

I'm working up several small corrections and Jim is working on the
bigger issues (we seem to create all mutexes with the older 
APR_MUTEX_DEFAULT flag instead of the explicit nMutexMech
flag we don't).  We are also making assumptions that we want some
mutex if we don't set SSLMutex, and it's a good question what we
want to do.  My guess is that we want unset mutexes to be the same
as no mutex, IMHO.


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