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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/modules/arch/win32 mod_win32.c
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 15:57:44 GMT
At 03:17 AM 3/19/2003, André Malo wrote:
>* wrote:
>> wrowe       2003/02/23 14:37:35
>>   Modified:    modules/arch/win32 mod_win32.c
>>   Log:
>>     Someone (I need to refer back) asked that we do the same skip for the
>>     utf-8 win32 prefix when testing for shebang lines.  Here's just such
>>     a test with some bad sizeof(buffer) v.s. bytes read assumptions fixed,
>>     and the code made generally a little more legible.  Please review and
>>     comment to consider this patch for backporting to 2.0.
>I would leave it in 2.1, because (a) it's a minor enhancement and (b) it's 
>an irreversible change in behaviour. It assumes, that (1) the script 
>languages supports BOMs (e.g. perl does) 

Worst case, it doesn't support BOM, the user uses one, and the script
language 500's out.  No problem there.

>and (2) DOS executables never 
>start with the BOM sequence (I don't know).

Never.  Now, perhaps some other compiled bytecode uses the mark,
but that should be irrelevant, because we drop out of that logic if we
don't encounter a !# after the BOM.   No harm no foul.

You are right - we would mess up the DOS tests a little further down,
but they start with their own 'magic' signature.

>The sizeof(buffer) vs. bytes thing should be backported anyway.

Agreed.  But I don't see this a radical change, it's actually very simple
respect for folks authoring I18N scripts.  I respect their effort, and would
still like to backport this patch to help their efforts along.


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