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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: APR and Apache Time Format Questions
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 20:29:04 GMT
At 01:03 PM 3/3/2003, Jean-Jacques Clar wrote:
>I have two Questions/Suggestions to improve the current performance 
>of Apache 2.
>What about creating a new define called: 
>#define APR_HAS_USEC.

I responded to the problems with this proposal on the dev@apr list...

>Why is apache using uSEC? 
>Time variables are mostly used in seconds at run-time, and http 
>requirements use seconds.

Apache != APR.  If you want to offer a proposal of using time_t 
or timeval_t within Apache in lieu of APR's apr_time_t, please define
such a proposal exclusive of what APR is doing.

Removing dev@apr from this reply...



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