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From Hulya Gurer <>
Subject Network is unreachable: connecting to listener
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 05:49:02 GMT


Our web servers have been running on apache 2.0.44 for testing, and I want 
to switch over to
version 2 but, when I check out my error logs, find many "Network is 
unreachable: connecting to listener"
errors.  Since we have a Cisco switch in front of the servers I am 
suspicious that we get these errors
when the server get connected by the switch every 5mins., or so.  One our 
development server which is
not on switch does not have any similar error message.  I have searched on 
this issue, and seen several
things, one of them says if the apache gets compiled with --disable-ipv6 
the problem gets solved.

I wonder if it's a bug on Apache v.2.  Is it fixable without recompiling 
the apache, is ipv6 default
on the apache, if it's compiled with out --disable-ipv6?

Thanks very much,

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