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From Andy Cutright <>
Subject Re: mixing c & c++ on HP-UX
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 00:36:54 GMT
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hi bill, <br>
thanks for your help. that doesn't seem to be the root cause. we've been
loading our modules without BIND_NOSTART for a while now on HP-UX. the program
is dumping core in apr_pools.c:1976 with a SIGSEGV. i'm gonna start digging
deeper, <br>
andy <br>
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:<br>
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  <pre wrap="">Andy, there were new fixes in 2.0.45 that should address this.  See...

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At 04:57 PM 3/31/2003, Andy Cutright wrote:
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    <pre wrap="">hi all,

there was some discussion on this list about HP-UX and c++ modules. we had a mixture like
this running with 2.0.43. we've recently upgraded to 2.0.44, and we're now experiencing problems
at load time. i'm wondering if anyone is running 2.0.44 on HP-UX with c++ modules successfully,

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