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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] build problem with stable and older libtool
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:53:40 GMT
This has been in the STATUS file a while anyway.  That makes 3 +1s, 
since there was already my vote:

     * get out-of-tree APR builds to work for libtool 1.3.x users
       buildconf: r1.32
       +1: trawick

(Note that the diff is different from r1.32 with APACHE_2_0_BRANCH since 
the code has to be added to APACHE_2_0_BRANCH instead of modified.  The 
only difference was the comment...  I kept the comment the same as in 
HEAD so that APACHE_2_0_BRANCH doesn't have unique code.)

William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> I'll see your +1 and raise you +1... I thought the patch was required
> to build with apr out of tree - if everyone is going to be bit on 
> libtool 1.3 releases let's get it in there now, and into the .45 release.
> Bill
> At 06:16 PM 3/24/2003, Greg Ames wrote:
>>I'm trying to get WROWE_2_0_45_RC1 going on daedalus and got:
>>/home/gregames/httpd-2.0.45-wr1/shlibtool: /home/gregames/httpd-2.0.45-wr1/shlibtool:
No such file or directory
>>*** Error code 127
>>...when make tried to build mod_access (the first module we build as a DSO). This
is a symptom of using libtool 1.3 without having ltconfig and accessable to httpd's
configure.  Looks like we need 1.29 and 1.31 in the tag.
>>That's what this patch does, in addition to tweaking the comment a little to make
it more obvious why this code is important.
>>This patch solves the problem.  Can I get some +1's on committing it to the stable
>>Index: buildconf

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