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From Federico Mennite <>
Subject New patch for preventing reverse lookups mod_proxy
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2003 21:10:07 GMT
as suggested a while back (I've been a bit busy) by members of this list 
I changed the patch so that mod_proxy respects HostnameLookups when 
dealing reverse lookups.

I'm not happy with it tough, because I had to add an API funtcion to the 
apache core. Since i'm quite new to apache internals here's a question:
Is there an alternative path to follow? If not, what about an API 
function similar to ap_get_remote_logname() but that instead of 
returning a string, works with the same kind of parameters of 

- in proxy_util.c/proxy_match_ipaddr(): the call to ap_proxy_host2addr() 
has been forced to reverse lookups indipendently from configuration 
settings. Otherwhise when the parameter for NoProxy is an IP address, it 
wouldn't have the same matching it had previously. I think tough, it 
could be made configuration dependent.
- in proxy_util.c/ap_proxy_is_hostname(): the call to 
ap_proxy_host2addr() has been forced to NOT perform any reverse lookups. 
It simply doesn't make sense unless I'm missing something.
- in mod_proxy.c/set_proxy_exclude() and set_cache_exclude(): the calls 
to ap_proxy_host2addr() depend on configuration. Probably they could be 
forced to NO reverse lookups.


Federico Mennite

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