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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: any Solaris 9 users out there with worker MPM?
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 15:43:48 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:
> I have seen one report of the "new" thread library not honoring an unlock
> causing a deadlock. We actually traced it and saw an call to unlock
> yet all subsequent calls to lock failed, because it wasn't released.
> 2 main points: this was with the Sol9 thread libs on Sol8 (as suggested
> by Sun), and (2) this was seen actually in the SSL mutex stuff, not
> in the accept mutex loop.

I have seen a problem with the SSL mutex stuff segfaulting on shutdown 
on Windows. I've not had time to debug it but a mutex_unlock in an SSL 
callback (from SSLeay) fails (bad handle) then the segfault happens when 
logging the message because the mutex in the apr_file_t has been 
whacked. May be a pool cleanup issue...


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