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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: I surrender (.pdb for releases, no .dbg)
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 16:21:44 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

>After spending many hours reviewing and actively using debug symbols
>for real customer incidents, I have formed some different opinions and
>wanted to share.
>I'm convinced that with the Win32 debugging tools (free to download) 
>available today, there is exactly one benefit to .dbg files - Dr. Watson
>on WinNT can display backtraces.  It's already possible to display
>those backtraces on the 98, ME, 2k and XP from .pdb files.  That small
>benefit against the broken .pdb <-> binaries isn't worth that aggravation.
>For me to collect the symbols from the public releases, into a symbols
>store isn't possible today.  The very act of rebase'ing (when extracting)
>the .dbg files breaks the original association between each binary and
>it's complete .pdb information file.
>The .dbg files are very lightweight flavors of (with much less info than) 
>the comprehensive .pdb files.  Anyone on WinNT can simply use WinDbg
>to bring up a crash dump created by Dr. Watson.  At that point, it's trivial
>to look at the stack backtrace (complete with arguments) which is much
>richer than Dr. Watson provides by default.
>Of course a typical user won't understand either Dr. Watson or WinDbg,
>but would be happy to forward a user.dmp file.  The .dbg files add nothing
>to what we get out of .pdb files in helping to triage such a report.
>So at this point, I'm ready to back out the .dbg file creation logic, leaving
>the .pdb logic for complete analysis of crash dumps of any given ASF build
>of the Apache releases.  Unless anyone has any objection, I should get to
>this later tomorrow afternoon.

This would get a big +1 from me. If I understand correctly, it would
also make the size of statically linked apr-iconv .so modules much
smaller, which is a Goodness.

Brane ─îibej   <>

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