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From Chris Monson <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy and AAAA queries
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 15:01:07 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:

> Chris Monson wrote:
>> I have noticed that mod_proxy, in its apr_sockaddr_info_get calls uses
>> unspecified resolution and sends it no flags.  This, of course, allows
>> the APR to make the decision as to how to resolve the hostname, but it
>> causes some truly amazing slowdowns when AAAA authorities are not
>> available for particular hosts (for example,  The AAAA
>> requests must time out before the A request can be made.
>> To solve this problem, I am interested in patching mod_proxy and
>> friends, creating a new configuration directive, something like
>> ProxyResolutionType (or order).  This would take a list of parameters
>> indicating which kinds of queries will be tried, and would map to flags
>> passed into apr_sockaddr_info_get.  Doing this would allow me to specify
>> that I *never* want to make AAAA queries or A6 queries (or to specify
>> that I want to make them after trying the currently more common A 
>> queries).
> +1, this is exactly why the capability was first added to 
> apr_sockaddr_info_get() in the first place...  it is in my to-do list, 
> but you know how that goes :)
> my original thought, and some discussion on dev@httpd agreed I think, 
> was to try to have a server-wide setting that more than just proxy 
> could look at...  in a pure IPv4 or pure IPv6 environment, there is no 
> use in any extra processing anywhere, unless of course it is 
> config-time processing that is not performance-sensitive
Sounds good.  I am a teeny bit new to the Apache 2.0 sources, so I was 
wondering if you would point me at the appropriate file to add a 
per-server (global) config parameter to.  I'll hunt for it on my own, 
but some help may expedite the process.



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