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From Glenn <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Remove mod_imap from default list
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 15:20:41 GMT
On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 09:58:58AM -0500, Greg Ames wrote:
> Astrid Ke?ler wrote:
> >I suggest to remove from default:
> >
> >  mod_userdir, mod_asis, mod_imap and mod_status
> >Most users don't know what to do with mod_asis or how to read
> >mod_status. The only active installation of mod_status I've ever seen,
> >has been at beginners first servers. 
> I'd prefer to keep mod_status as a default.  It's a good 
> debugging/monitoring tool.  Sure,  there may be many users who don't know 
> how to read it at first. But if they have problems and call for support, 
> having it pre-built can lead to shorter problem resolution time.

In this discussion about default modules, I hear three different things:

  1) compile a module by default (or what category, e.g "most" or "all")
  2) enable a module in the httpd.conf configuration
  3) remove a module from the tree

I don't think anyone means to remove the modules from Apache entirely.

I do think that mod_userdir, mod_asis, mod_imap, and mod_status should
_not_ be enabled by default in the configuration, although I see no
reason why the should not be built at compile time.  This way, they can
be enabled by uncommenting the appropriate lines in the httpd.conf, but
admins aren't running stuff unless they need it.

Is there a way to separate what gets compiled from what gets enabled in
the httpd.conf?


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