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From Geoff Thorpe <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (httpd-2.0) Wed Mar 5 23:45:12 EST 2003
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 17:42:30 GMT
I noticed a couple of these notes apply to me in one way or another so
figured I'd chime in with some thoughts;

* Rodent of Unusual Size (Ken.Coar@Golux.Com) wrote:
> APACHE 2.1 STATUS:                                              -*-text-*-


>     * In order to use a DSO version of mod_ssl we have to link with
>       -lssl and -lcrypto. A workaround is in place right now where the
>       entire EXTRA_LIBS macro is being appended to the objects list, but
>       this is a hack. We should either revamp the APACHE_CHECK_SSL_TOOLKIT
>       autoconf function or come up with some other autoconf checks to
>       search for libssl and libcrypto and properly add them to mod_ssl's
>       link flags.

I think the patch I sent to the list (which is awaiting comments BTW)
will address this, but this is unconfirmed. Namely, my patch uses only
LDFLAGS tweaks for library paths, and then only if --with-ssl=<path> is
specified. For the remainder, autoconf's "normal" mechanisms for library
probes and linker configuration are used. Ie. the actual probing for
libssl and libcrypto is handled by the AC_CHECK_LIB() macro and so
autoconf alone works out what flags are required from then on for
linking apache. I'm wondering if the above problem is a consequence of
us explicitly setting linker syntax and not letting autotools do their
job properly? Anyway, the patch is there if someone wants to see if it
helps with this issue as well.

>     * session cache store should be pluggable

I'd like to speak with the person who's behind this, as I'm waiting for
my current openssl-configuration changes to be reviewed and ironed out
before I submit a new session cache module supporting 'distcache'
( I'm also wondering if on the openssl-side we need
some kind of modularised approach to session caching rather than this
duplicating of effort in openssl-based apps. Unfortunately that would
probably raise the issue that the basic session caching interface is
inadequate and some rewiring would be required first. I see worms oozing
out of cans. Anyway, I'm happy to discuss this issue with whoever is
behind it in case I can be of any help.

>     * the shmcb code should just align its memory segment rather than
>       jumping through all the "safe" memcpy and memset hoops

I wrote shmcb and I don't think the person who wrote this quite
understands why this "jumping through hoops" is done. Trying to align
all the relevant data will cost more than just a few wasted bytes of
storage, and I respectfully suggest that the "safe" accessors (which
aren't speed-critical) would be easier to maintain. Again, I'm available
to bash these ideas out if anyone's interested.


Geoff Thorpe

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