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From (Yavor Trapkov)
Subject [patch]2 : mod_auth_ldap doesn't effectively use the cache with "require user User1 User2 .." directives]
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2003 08:28:33 GMT
I have posted this patch proposal a week ago and since I got only one reply - how to get round
of the problem, and not any discussins about the problem itself or if my proposal is reasonable
or not for the module development, 
I follow the instruction on the DEV page to repost it again.

The LDAP authentication has an important place, especially for big organizations with a complex
web environment. Since the mod_auth_ldap is an experimental module with apache 2.0.x it it
not part of some big distributions (an example - RH 8.0). 
I think the mod_auth_ldap shoud be developed and supported as a standard apache modile.

Yavor Trapkov

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