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From "Gary Feldman" <>
Subject cgid on hp-ux - read hangs because shutdown doesn't close
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 21:47:14 GMT
I'm running into a problem with some code based on the
mod_cgid module, on hp-ux.  I've also submitted
the underlying problem to

The problem is that the underlying cgi hangs on a read
from stdin when there is actually no data left to be read.
I can reduce this to a simple discrepency between HP-UX
and other platforms, Linux being my example.  On Linux,
when the socket shutdown(sd, 1) is done by the sender, the 
read on the socket returns with eof.  On HP-UX, this
doesn't happen until the socket is actually closed.

My code happens to be based on 2.0.40, though I've looked
at the changes in 2.0.44 and they don't seem relevant 
(the changes are there to catch EINTR, but I don't see
any way to trigger that).

Any advice would be appreciated.


PS: I originally submitted this to the users list, where
someone suggested I resubmit here.

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