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From "Jeff D. Hamann" <>
Subject running and debugging from devstudio?
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2003 09:38:40 GMT
I'm a newbie for trying to write an Apache2 module I've finally gotten
Apache2 (with mod_ssl and zlib) to build on my win2k machine and would like
to take the next step towards building an apache module. I've built the all
the pieces from within devstudio and would like to run the server (in debug
mode) and keep getting stuck...

in main.c

    if ( ap_run_open_logs(pconf, plog, ptemp, server_conf) != OK) {
        ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_STARTUP |APLOG_ERR,
                     0, NULL, "Unable to open logs\n");
        destroy_and_exit_process(process, 1);

if I've run apache -k install from the c:\Apache2\bin dir. If I've halted
the service (no other apache services are running and no apachemonitor), the
code stops at

    if ( ap_run_post_config(pconf, plog, ptemp, server_conf) != OK) {
        ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_STARTUP |APLOG_ERR, 0,
                     NULL, "Configuration Failed\n");
        destroy_and_exit_process(process, 1);

which is the next statement. I've set up, in the Debug options, the

executable = C:\Apache2\bin\Apache.exe
working dir = c:\apache2
program args = -k start

and I'm not sure if these are correct, I've tried a few other configs but
the error.log and access.log files are empty.

Does anyone have a hint to what the correct procedure is for debugging from
VC6 or can I simple install as standard procedure and somehow circumvent the
whole process for the module I'm developing so that I don't have to worry
about running apache2 from the debugger, and I'll only use vc6 for debugging
my module?


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