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From "Jeff White" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/modules/arch/win32 mod_win32.c
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2003 15:11:28 GMT

>> wrowe       2003/02/23 14:37:35
>>   Modified:    modules/arch/win32 mod_win32.c
>>   Log:
>>  utf-8 win32 prefix when testing for shebang lines.

Doesn't the Apache on Windows web server have
available a built-in Windows Scripting Engine and two
built-in scripting languages, that do not use the # as
a scripting comment marker?

> Never.  Now, perhaps some other compiled bytecode
> uses the mark, but that should be irrelevant, because
> we drop out of that logic if we don't encounter a !# after
> the BOM.   No harm no foul.

Has this been checked with the Apache on Windows
access, to the built-in scripting engine, the Windows
Scripting Engine (or WSH 5.6 usage, as some call it)
and the scripting engine's default usage of the scripting
languages of VBScript and JScript?

Usage with the built-in Windows Scripting Engine by
some Apache on Windows web servers, using the
built-in scripting languages, is now doable via tricking
the Apache on Windows web server. Tricking the server
with a fake file, that uses the "pain" Unix based # way
(or with an option that also turns on everything else at
the same time) - ScriptInterpreterSource. But isn't it
possible to also check for // (two slashes for JScript
usage) or for a ' (a single quote for VBScript usage)
during the Apache on Windows script usage routine?

Perhaps the Apache on Windows web server needs
a config option to allow the server's scripting routine
usage of the various scripting comment markers.

Don't forget to check for security updates, for the built-in
Windows Scripting Engine, and the scripting engine's
languages. Both the built-in ones and the ones added later
for usage with the built-in scripting engine in the Apache
on Windows web server. Check even if you think no one
uses the built-in Windows Scripting Engine (or WSH 5.6)
on the Apache on Windows web server.


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