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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: story posted
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 19:42:49 GMT
> On to a).  The PHP developers have screamed quite loudly about the
> failings of Apache2, when, in fact, the largest reason why mod_php will
> not work with Apache2 is because it is not a priority for PHP developers.

Nobody is screaming.

> Personally, my servers run PHP as CGI.  Works well.  Thank you.
> Kudos for safe_mode and safe_mode_gid.

??  safe_mode and safe_mode_gid are rather useless when running PHP as a 
CGI.  All you are doing is burning syscalls aimlessly and slowing 
everything down.  If you are running PHP as a CGI anyway, run it under 

As for the Apache2+PHP stuff, we are not deflecting blame.  We are simply
not acknowledging that it is somehow our duty to drop everything and
support Apache2 just because someone decided it was a good idea to release
a new web server.  And when attacked repeatedly on this issue we tend to
point out that thread safety issues in commonly used libraries pretty much
nullify any threading gains of the new architecture since we'd have to
mutex them, and also the fact that the filter api's complexity isn't
making life easy for us, nor does the architecture mesh well with how PHP
likes to do things.  As a handler under prefork it may work very well.  
Who knows.  Feel free to apply for a CVS account and write it, but please
stop trying to browbeat us into doing something.  I personally have a
working web server that does what I need.  Show me something irresistible
about this new server and I will be compelled to work on it myself.


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