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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Re: Apache 2.0 download problem
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 21:59:42 GMT
Erik Abele wrote:
> Greg Ames wrote:

>> Patch applied and that directory cvs up'd on daedalus.  Thanks, Erik.
>> What I didn't do (and your patch didn't do either) is change the 
>> reference in README.html to a "small patch for a small problem" 
>> pointing to
>> .  I don't know for certain if 
>> that is relevant for .44, but there is a .44 patch with that naming 
>> convention, so maybe there is another small problem.  Could someone 
>> who knows for sure what's going on here please do whatever is 
>> appropriate?
> My patch didn't include it because it was already correct :-)

D'oh!  I must have fat fingered it somehow.  Sorry.

(writes 50 times on the whiteboard: I will do "cvs diff" before "cvs commit"
                                     I will do "cvs diff" before "cvs commit"
                                     I will do "cvs diff" before "cvs commit" 


OK, it should be correct on daedalus now.  Thanks for the review and for the 
second patch.


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