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From Chris Monson <>
Subject Re: Possible infinite loop in mod_proxy
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 16:13:01 GMT
I have a little more information now, though I am still not feeling 
confident enough to go about attaching gdb at the moment. ;-)

I swapped out the worker MPM for the prefork MPM and the problem 
disappeared.  It did seem like a threading issue of some kind because of 
the strange restart behavior.  I'll continue trying to track it down, 
but right now I'm under a lot of time pressure to just get something 

Anyway, if anyone is interested, there you are.



Ian Holsman wrote:

> Hi Chris.
> can you do me a favor, and put a TCPdump of the interaction somewhere.
> and if you could either to a truss/strace and/or a GDB br so we know 
> what part of the code is looping hanging.
> also, can you try disabling proxyreceivebuffersize & proxypreservehost
> and see if that makes a difference?
> ian.
> ps.. raising a bug is also a good choice on a next-action too ;-)
> Chris Monson wrote:
>> I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this information.  I 
>> started with the mod_proxy dev list, and they suggested that the 
>> problem was probably with Apache's filter code, and that I should 
>> post the issue here.
>> I have been working with mod_proxy under Apache 2.0.44 and have been 
>> having some problems.
>> The basic setup is using the worker MPM and is as follows:
>> Listen 8008
>> <VirtualHost *:8008>
>>   ServerName myproxy.mydomain.mytld
>>   DocumentRoot "/unnecessary/path/to/files"
>>   ProxyRequests On
>>   ProxyPreserveHost on
>>   ProxyReceiveBufferSize 4096
>>   ProxyTimeout 20
>>   ProxyVia off
>> </VirtualHost>
>> In my browser, I set the proxy to be myproxy.mydomain.mytld at port 
>> 8008.  Things seem to work all right for simple requests.  However, 
>> requesting a really messy page like "" causes some 
>> interesting problems.  (For bug duplication purposes, I am currently 
>> using Mozilla 1.3a, but this has been duplicated on various versions 
>> of IE, as well).
>> After making the request to, Apache must be forcefully 
>> restarted in order serve any other requests reliably.  Request 
>> threads do not appear to want to give up their connection to the 
>> internet once the request is completed.  An ethereal dump indicates 
>> that Apache is still sending TCP traffic to the destination server.  
>> An endless stream of ACK packets is sent to the destination server 
>> until Apache is forcefully restarted.  I have verified that it is not 
>> the browser that is doing this.
>> Additionally, the problem is greatly alleviated (though not 
>> eradicated) by turning off keepalive in the proxy code or in the conf 
>> file.  I can make several requests reliably with keepalive turned 
>> off, but eventually the server gets hung up.  It doesn't send an 
>> endless stream of packets to the destination server without 
>> keepalive, however.
>> When the server hangs like that, a restart indicates that the 
>> children must receive a SIGKILL, but it never finishes restarting.  
>> If I run
>> $ apachectl stop
>> then it wakes up and starts sending data again, strangely.  This 
>> appears to me to be some kind of a deadly embrace in the worker code, 
>> but that is a very preliminary assumption and has not yet been 
>> tested.  It just feels like that kind of a problem since attempting 
>> to kill the process seems to wake things up (mostly) again.
>> I checked the bug database for this kind of problem, and it appears 
>> that in October of last year a bug was submitted that may be related, 
>> dealing with a keepalive-related memory leak in Apache.  I believe 
>> that bug to be somewhat related, though not quite the same thing I am 
>> experiencing.  What I get is a completely frozen server.
>> C

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