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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: Strange Behavior of Apache 2.0.43 on SPARC MP system
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 18:52:31 GMT
Hi Min.

I'm not sure if this would make a difference in 2.0.43,
but you might want to configure apache to use non-portable-atomics

I think the worker MPM can then take advantage of this, and remove a 
mutex lock (replacing it with a spin) which may give you better 
performance with multiple CPUs.

1 other point.
you might want to disable some CPU's, and re-run your test. (eg.. on a 8 
cpu machine) and see if that helps

Min Xu wrote:
> Hi All,
> Sorry I am posting this directly to the development list. But
> I think this is not a user setup problem and it is so strange
> maybe only you guys will have a clue on what's going on.
> I am a student of UW-Madison. In order to study computer
> architecture of commercial multiprocessor servers, we have used
> APACHE as one of our important workloads.
> I am the one who setup the workload on a 14-processor Sun
> Enterprise server. During setup I found a very strange behavior
> of the apache server (running with worker MPM). Essentially the
> strange thing is that:
>   The server optimal throughput is not achieved by using a
>   greedy client, who drive the server with no think time. But
>   with tiny amount of think time, much better throughput is
>   archievable. Also, with the greedy client, the server's
>   performance decreased over time, which seems to be very
>   counter-intuitive.
> Of course, just give you the short decription above does not
> help you to help me. So I will give you the detail problem
> description and data in the following. With the understanding
> of the source code, maybe you can give me some more hypothesises
> to try on.

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