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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: story posted
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 12:31:42 GMT
Brandon Bell wrote:

> Okay guys, I have to weigh in here as a non-developer and add a 
> comment re
> all of this back and forth discussion on whether PHP or Apache 2.0 is the
> problem for why they don't work/play together properly.
> As an end user, I don't give a f*ck why it doesn't work!  But I can tell
> you this -- until it does I have to stick with Apache 1.3.x.

Nobody is trying to push people to Apache 2.0 that rely on modules that 
aren't quite ready.  To me, this subthread is all about clarifying 
exactly what technical issues with Apache 2.0 is preventing some module 
such as PHP from being production ready.  I think we all know the 
non-technical reasons.

> developers out there saying the same thing.  I'm also sure that the 
> uptake
> to 2.0 is absolutely hindered because of this incompatibility.


>   I would
> imagine that this problem would create some sense of urgency to get these
> two to work together -- and definitely more so on the side of the Apache
> developers since PHP is the #1 module in use out there for Apache.  

I for one want to first cut through the quotables and find out what 
needs to be changed with Apache 2.0 so that PHP can be production ready 
with Apache 2.0.  Apparently, that is nothing.

With no signals to the contrary, and maybe some hints on what is 
problematic, then hopefully more people who want/need it to work will 
realize the light is green.

> Don't offer me a CVS account and suggest that I come and fix it myself. 

That's how all this development (Apache or PHP) works anyway...  don't 
feel pained about being offered the tools to help yourself, since what 
apparently is your production environment is as productive for you only 
because somebody took up the exact same offer in the past.

Such an offer is the way to make it clear that nobody is standing 
physically in the way of making it better, even if personal priorities 
may be different and people have to pick up the load themselves rather 
than waiting for it to be done by the core developers.

> I'm up to my eyeballs as it is.  Until Apache 2.x works with PHP, I'm
> sticking with 1.3.x.  Sorry.

understandable, though I would phrase it differently :)

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