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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: HTTP Input header filter
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 21:32:23 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:
> Brian Pane wrote:
>> Bill Stoddard wrote:
>>> Just a heads up in case anyone else is interested or is comtemplating 
>>> working on
>>> this...
>>> I am rewriting much of the code called by ap_read_request to handle HTTP
>>> headers. Much of the function in rgetline_core, read_request_headers and
>>> get_mime_headers_core is being reimplemented 

Another update.. finding a bit of time to work on this.  My latest 
efforts are focused on reimplementing ap_http_filter in http_protocol.c. 
     I am modifying the ap_http_filter as follows:

1. Installing this filter for the duration of a connection. It is still 
a protocol filter, but it lasts for the duration of the connection. In 
order to handle pipelined connections, an http_header parsing filter 
must have the smarts to identify the boundary between pipelined 
requests. ap_header_filter has the smarts, so it made sense to draft it 
for parsing http headers rather than attempting to recreate all the 
logic in a standalone http header parsing filter.

2. ap_http_filter will be 100% state driven

3. It will have the ability to setaside brigades on request boundaries 
and maintain the setaside brigade in the filter context (hung off the 
connection pool)

My initial implementation of a standalone http header parsing filter 
trimmed about 2600 instructions from an http transaction.  Consolidating 
the header parsing function into ap_http_filter should save a few more 
instructions as it is installed once per connection rather than per request.

No promises on when I will have something reviewable...


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