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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: story posted
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:30:45 GMT
Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
>>You can also see text in our bug database from a prominent PHP developer 
>>saying that the filter API needs to be redone from scratch (my 
>>paraphrase).  For the enthusiastic PHP users, such comments carry a lot 
>>of weight and imply that PHP isn't production ready with 2.0 not because 
>>  nobody has made it a high priority to make PHP production ready but 
>>instead because there is something flawed about Apache 2.0.
> Well, I stand by that.  The filter API is a bloody mess.  Something which 
> should be simple and elegant has turned into this amazingly complex tangle 
> of code that is nearly impossible to figure out.
> -Rasmus

I don't agree that "the filter API is a blooody mess", however I am 
sympathetic to the emotion your expressing.  Is 2.0 complex? yes. Does 
it have a coherent design? IMHO, yes. Is it 'overengineered'?  probably so.

My criticsm of the filter API is that the design tries to solve too many 
problems and the resulting implementation is so complex that it creates 
an unnecessarily high entry barrier for folks interested in doing 2.0 
module development.  Apache httpd is a protocol engine that should 
provide useful services to folks building applications on top of it. The 
value is in the applications that run on top of httpd, not httpd itself. 
     IMHO, application module developers are required to make an 
unnecessarily large investment (in time and effort) in becoming 2.0 
experts before they can get their applications running.  PHP is horribly 
complex, but PHP is where the value comes from so there is more 
incentive for folks to become masters of PHP. The same is not true of 
httpd 2.0.

IMHO, a large part of our continuing 2.0 development effort should be in 
simplifying our current implementation while keeping the most important 
services we provide to app developers.


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